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Kitchen Tile Splashback

The heart of any home is the kitchen, so it is important to try and get it the way you want it. Some people may have a large kitchen with plenty of space and ventilation, but in many cases in … Continue reading

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Bath & Basin Silicone Replacement

Over Time, trim tiles on a bath set with grout can loosen and once this happens water will penetrate behind. Because of the movement of a bath being filled and emptied and the combination of water loosening the tiles it … Continue reading

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Bath Re-tiling

Bath Re-tiling. In this case the tiles were old and the grouting had failed at the shower end of the bath. As a result the board behind the existing tiles had rotted and gone mouldy. Once all the tiles had … Continue reading

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Floor Tiling

Tiling a floor is a very practical choice for any kitchen or bathroom – the floor is easy to clean and tough wearing, compared to the alternatives: Lino – can tear easily when moving appliances! Laminate Floor – vulnerable to … Continue reading

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Refreshing Tile Grout

After a while, grout between tiles can become dirty and mouldy, caused for example by coffee on the kitchen splashback, and by mould in the bath and shower. A useful way to prevent these unsightly stains is to bleach the … Continue reading

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