Floor Tiling

Slate Floor tiles

Slate Floor Tiles

Tiling a floor is a very practical choice for any kitchen or bathroom – the floor is easy to clean and tough wearing, compared to the alternatives:

  • Lino – can tear easily when moving appliances!

  • Laminate Floor – vulnerable to water damage and awkward to repair.

  • Carpet – needs replacing regularly to remain hygienic.

The work involved with tiling a floor can vary depending on what type of flooring exists. A level concrete flooring is ideal, however tiling on wooden floor can be achieved although this requires a substrate of plywood to strengthen the floor and reduce movement which can cause tiles to crack and come loose. Laying an 18mm ply substrate and then a tile will of course leave your bathroom or kitchen floor a noticeable height above adjoining room, so it is likely that your existing door will require a trim.

Tiling a floor is best planned when you can avoid heavy traffic for at least a couple of days. Even with quick set adhesive, it is best to avoid standing on fresh laid tiles for at least 24 hours.

NB: Natural tiles such as slate may also require a sealing agent.

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