Tile Detail

Tiled Shower room, walls and floor

Tiling a room can change the feel completely, and in most cases it has great practical benefits – especially when it comes to cleaning!  I can Tile bathrooms, kitchens, hallways or any other room you wish. Floor, wall and splash-backs.

I am happy to discuss which tiles would be best for your chosen location and either let you provide the tiles or I can collect.

Things to consider when re-tiling:

  • Floor surface – is is concrete, floorboards or chipboard flooring? This will determine the amount of prep work and finishing.
  • Shower Type – certain adhesives are required for power showers
  • Wall surface – Is the wall strong enough to hold the tiles?
  • Should I remove the old wall tiles?

More info on Floor tiling.

For an estimate and advice, call, text or email Handy David. Contact me now.

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