Bits & Bobs

Bits & Bobs Fixing all the little things.

Fixing all the little niggling bits and bobs

I am happy to try to sort out any of those little nuisance items that have been on your ‘to do’ list for so long but which you never seem to get round to. Just make a list before calling and get them all done in one visit.

  • Changing lightbulbs that are difficult to reach
  • Fixing squeaky hinges
  • Fixing wonky hinges
  • Setting your boiler timer (or any other timer)
  • Fixing loose or squeaky floorboards
  • Sorting out the cabling for audio-visual and computing equipment
  • Hanging pictures
  • Fixing broken or loose toilet seats
  • Replacing washers

If there are any things you are unsure about just get in touch – you can email Handy David the details and I’ll hopefully be able to offer a solution to suit.

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