Front Door Painting

Every now and again, the front door needs a little TLC, but if it’s been a bit longer, then it might need a bit more elbow grease and effort.

Sanded Front Door

Front door sanded prepared for painting.

The door in this case was a brown varnished door where the varnish was peeling and weathering, the end goal was to have a coloured door.

The first job was to prepared the surface of the door, this was started by removing the door furniture and filling and holes or major imperfections with a good quality filler. The door could then be sanded thoroughly to create a smooth surface and provide a key for the paint.

door_undercoat_600door_undercoat_2_600The door was then ready for 2 coats of white undercoat, allowing sufficient time for drying between coats and sanding out any imperfections or any lifted grain.

Door painted with Crown Tibetan Gold

Door painted with Crown Tibetan Gold


Crown Tibetan Gold

‘Crown: Non Drip Gloss Tibetan Gold’
The Top coat of the chosen Colour, in this case

Two coats are applied again leaving sufficient time between coats and sanding lightly for a good key.

When the door has dried fully, new door furniture and old fittings are replaced.

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